Lower-profile solutions for alternative embedded power control

Blade VLP is a lower-profile (17.78 mm) alternative to the JEDEC standard VLP with a height of 18.75 mm (see Figure 1). Reducing the height of a DDR3 VLP memory module to a lower-profile 17.78 mm solves the space-constrained limitations found in many telecom and networking applications, where it is difficult to accommodate the memory required for both an industry-standard DIMM or Mini DIMM socket plus a standard VLP. This approach allows designers to reduce the total power in embedded systems that use multiple memory modules and those that must run above +85 °C, which is a typical design challenge in a wide range of AdvancedTCA-based telecom and Ethernet blade switch networking applications.

refer to: http://embedded-computing.com/articles/ruggedization-memory-module-design/