Broad scalability for Intel® Core™ processors

With improved processing and graphics performance as well as energy efficiency and broad scalability. The 4th generation Intel® Core™ processors serve the embedded computing space with a new microarchitecture which Kontron will implement on a broad range of embedded computing platforms.  Beside a 15% increased CPU performance especially the graphics has improved by its doubled performance in comparison to solutions based on the previous generation processors. At the same  embedded computing , the thermal footprint has remained practically the same or has even shrunk.

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Lower-profile solutions for alternative embedded power control

Blade VLP is a lower-profile (17.78 mm) alternative to the JEDEC standard VLP with a height of 18.75 mm (see Figure 1). Reducing the height of a DDR3 VLP memory module to a lower-profile 17.78 mm solves the space-constrained limitations found in many telecom and networking applications, where it is difficult to accommodate the memory required for both an industry-standard DIMM or Mini DIMM socket plus a standard VLP. This approach allows designers to reduce the total power in embedded systems that use multiple memory modules and those that must run above +85 °C, which is a typical design challenge in a wide range of AdvancedTCA-based telecom and Ethernet blade switch networking applications.

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Open source challenges for embedded hardware systrem

Open source products are generalized in order to fit the widest array of users and can force designers to modify the embedded computer hardware configuration, resulting in higher recurring cost for the embedded device. Although a commercial OS can be expensive, cost savings is an important reason to purchase an off-the-shelf product. If you can purchase and therefore eliminate the coding, debug, and documentation of the most complicated portion of the software, you should give it careful consideration. Vendors promote product technical support as a major benefit of a commercial OS. They are able to provide continuous support for the embedded computer operating system portion of the software by spreading the cost over all customers.

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For handling rugged environments

Embedded fanless, Console server, Industrial PC

acrosser Technology, a world-leading In-Vehicle Computer designer and manufacturer, is pleased to introduce its latest In-Vehicle computer product, the AIV-HM76V0FL. The AIV-HM76V0FL is built for handling rugged environments. To showcase its high performance, we have created a small experiment to prove its durability in difficult situations.