OBDII Dongle, Embedded Transportation Terminal and Rugged Tablet

There are three major types of In-Vehicle Gateway in the Telematics industrial supply chain: OBDII Dongle, Embedded Transportation Terminal and Rugged Tablet. acrosser is focused on the Embedded Transportation Terminal, or also known as the In-Vehicle PC segment, which provides Embedded Transportation Terminal with rugged design, higher flexibility and wider operation temperature range. All products meet E-Mark and other certifications.

Nowadays,Fleet Management is a popular and well-adapted solution in Telematics applications, of which AcrosserIn-Vehicle PCs play a key element in the segment. For example: in the tracking application of Fleet Management for truck or bus, acrosser In-Vehicle PCs can execute route planning to save on fuel costs and time, as well as track vehicle location to monitor driver and vehicle safety by adding a surveillance video system. For management application of Fleet Management, Acrosser In-vehicle PCs can be used in implementing driver coaching and instant communication to keep off danger and/or avoid unexpected accidents. Moreover, Acrosser In-Vehicle PCs can be utilized for preventive maintenance to help improve fuel economy and costs.

Acrosser In-Vehicle PCs are designed with many essential key features such as wider operating temperature, anti-shock and vibration, fan-less system for higher MTBF, rugged body and higher flexibility. With its powerful performance, the Acrosser In-Vehicle PC AIV-QM97V1FL can be used in Fleet Management from tracking to management applications. As an example, the AIV-QM97V1FL can be installed in trucks to add telematics and provide advanced driver management, which help prevent danger and take proactive measures in improving fuel economy and costs.
Acrosser In-Vehicle PCs also can be also installed in ambulances to improve efficiency of the route planning, and to provide better communication between the ambulance and the hospital via 4G LTE/Wi-Fi in implementing Telemedicine.

Acrosser In-Vehicle PCs are primarily designed to meet and fulfill every need from customers in accomplishing the desired results of Telematics. Acrosser had developed a full range of product line of In-Vehicle PCs which include the AIV-QM97 seriesAIV-HM76 seriesAR-V6100 series, AR-V6005 series and AR-V6002 series. Each and every product is built with remarkable quality and designed to successfully survive rugged environments. Acrosser Technology not only provides products with high reliability and availability, but also In-Vehicle Computers with the best scalability and manageability in the industry. Acrosser Technology is your best choice for buildingTelematics applications in today’s IoT environment.

For more product information and availability, please send your inquiry at:http://www.acrosser.com/inquiry.php

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Lower-profile solutions for alternative embedded power control

Blade VLP is a lower-profile (17.78 mm) alternative to the JEDEC standard VLP with a height of 18.75 mm (see Figure 1). Reducing the height of a DDR3 VLP memory module to a lower-profile 17.78 mm solves the space-constrained limitations found in many telecom and networking applications, where it is difficult to accommodate the memory required for both an industry-standard DIMM or Mini DIMM socket plus a standard VLP. This approach allows designers to reduce the total power in embedded systems that use multiple memory modules and those that must run above +85 °C, which is a typical design challenge in a wide range of AdvancedTCA-based telecom and Ethernet blade switch networking applications.

refer to: http://embedded-computing.com/articles/ruggedization-memory-module-design/

Car PC Application AR-DP080VW


8-Inch Display Monitor with VGA, USB Touch Screen and DC 9-32V Input for Car PC and In-Vehicle Application


 1. 8” 16:9 wide screen

2. 500 nits LED backlight

3. VGA plus 3 video inputs

4. NTSC, PAL, SECAM automatic switch

5. Automatic switch to video input while signal present

6. Automatic dimmer

7. USB resistive touch screen

8. Optional anti-reflection coating

9. Audio input and speaker

10. All-in-One connector

11. IR remote controller

12. DC 9 to 32V power input

13. Automatic power on by VGA input

14. VESA 75, stand or headrest mount