Learn More About Industry Applications for Acrosser Fanless Mini PC AES-HM76Z1FL!

 In this article, acrosser Technology would like to demonstrate 2 benefits of choosing AES-HM76Z1FL as an industrial PC solution. The following introduction and related product film reveal the unimaginable versatility of AES-HM76Z1FL.

Portable and Powerful
With a height of only 20 mm, this ultra-slim embedded computer is an ideal product for mobile use, and can easily handle tasks that require high computing performance; for example, artists, graphic designers, and filmmakers rely on AES-HM76Z1FL’s computing performance for postproduction when creating artwork. The mobility of this machine enables these artists to carry AES-HM76Z1FL from the studio to the job site with ease.

Space-compensating and Environmental-adaptive
Limited space for embedded PCs has always been a problem for our system integrators. With its ultra slim form factor (274 mm x 183 mm x 20 mm), AES-HM76Z1FL is truly a space-saving piece of hardware that fits almost anywhere, including meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, retail locations, and even at home for home automation. In addition, this model can be used as a digital signage device, providing 24/7 display, or as a smart classroom device, supporting interactive teaching or e-learning functions.

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Acrosser ANR-C627/622N1: The Acrosser first 2U IoT Rackmount Server

Today, acrosser Technology Co., Ltd. proudly announced its new 2U network appliances to expand their product offering and target at next generation appliance demands from Network security service providers and the enterprise network equipment market.

Acrosser ’s brand new 2U rack mount server, ANR-C627/622N1 series, are designed with X86 processor and positioned for Intel® Purley-based 2U network appliances which require high-performance computing (HPC) and multi-core (up to 28 cores) with hyper-threading (HT) functionality for a wide range of workloads with high memory bandwidth (DDR4-2666) and capacity.

Positioned as powerful network appliances, ANR-C627/622N1 equipped with the latest generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are perfect for IoT Gateway, Edge Computing (EC), Cloud, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), IPS/IDS, Security Gateway (Se-GW), Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). As excellence network appliances, ANR-C627/622N1 series support dual-socket Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, 24* RDIMM/LRDIMM DDR4-2666, dual on-board SFP+ (10G fiber) and 8* Expandable Network Interface Modules (NIMs) for 1G/10G/40G (fiber/Copper/Bypass) various options. Strong networking ability can meet most of enterprise-class customers’ needs.

In addition, ANR-C627/622N1 also equipped with Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI v2.0), 1+1 Redundant Platinum PSU, dual U.2 Non-volatile Memory Express (NVMe, PCIe Gen3 x4) SSDs or optional 4*2.5” hot-swappable SATA-III HDDs and smart cooling fans which enable 24/7 operation and long-term deployment. Besides, ANR-C627/622N front access I/O ports and drive bays are designed for easy access and maintenance. General speaking, ANR-C627/622N1 support a wide range of standard computing peripherals can be integrated with the chassis to meet different application requirements.

Acrosser ANR-C627N1 series Specification:
◇ 2U rackmount IoT Networking Server
◇ Dual-socket Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
◇ Intel® PCH C627 (QAT: 100Gbps)
◇ 24x RDIMM/LRDIMM DDR4-2666
◇ 8x Exp. NIM (1G/10G/40G, Fiber/Copper/LAN Bypass)
◇ 2x SFP+ (10G Fiber), 1x Mgmt. Port
◇ 2x U.2 NVMe / 4x 2.5” SATA3 Hot-Swappable
◇ 1x PCIe Gen3 x16 Expansion Slot
◇ 1+1 Redundant Platinum PSU

Acrosser ANR-C622N1 series
◇ 2U Rackmount IoT Networking Server
◇ Dual-socket Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
◇ Intel® PCH C622 (QAT: n/a)
◇ 24x RDIMM/LRDIMM DDR4-2666
◇ 8x Exp. NIM (1G/10G/40G, Fiber/Copper/LAN Bypass)
◇ 2x 10G Fiber (SFP+), 1x Mgmt. Port
◇ 2x U.2 NVMe / 4x 2.5” SATA3 Hot-Swappable
◇ 1x PCIe Gen3 x16 Expansion Slot
◇ 1+1 Redundant Platinum PSU

The Acrosser brand new 2U network appliances, ANR-C627/622N1, are the ideal platform for IoT appliances, enterprise Internet Security, firewall, VPN, Access Control, WAN Optimization and (Unified Threat Management) UTM applications.

Acrosser had committed its valuable resources to further develop its advanced network product lines. Because of these efforts, the ANR-C627/622N1 had developed as a perfect service/network machine for most IoT business networking applications. Acrosser Technology not only provides products with high reliability and availability but also networking appliances and products with the best scalability and manageability in the industry. Acrosser Technology is your best choice for building servers and workstations in today’s industrial IoT environment.

For pricing and availability, please send your inquiry at http://www.acrosser.com/inquiry.html

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